Their keyphrases may not be yours

Keyphrases and keywords are the buliding blocks of all things web.

You have to be very certain of what your user is typing into the search engines. It is so important that you do not assume you know what they are typing. I’m working an SEO Audit with a client who makes wonderful cakes.

She was hooked on a “wonderful” word – BESPOKE i.e. she wanted the world to know of her marvellous bespoke cakes.

“Bespoke” methinks! That reminds me of customised software etc.

Thus a battle ensued, a battle that I managed to win with a detailed listing from Googles’ Keyword Tool. There wasn’t anyone using the keyphrase “bespoke cakes” as a search term – wel maybe one (and I wonder who that was).

She was OK in the end and sure we still bespoked the website with text embedded in .jpgs while “custom” was tucked away in the ALT tags.


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