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SEO as defined by Wikipedia

SEO as defined by Wikipedia


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What is an Online PR Audit?

online pr audit public relations irelandThings happen so fast and in a myriad of different areas online. We have listed many of these areas in our Online PR page. It would be sensible to monitor what is being said about you, your company or even your competitors. An Online PR Audit uses existing website, Google, Yahoo and Bing services to check everywhere and find out what is being said and that is of interest to you.

It will also find out anything negative. This is very important because in the Online World it is imperative to tackle any negative issues just in case they go global (also know as Viral). This has happened to some of the big guys!

Should you find any positive reviews or comments. You may even want to contact the writer and use their comments as a testimonial or link to your site or even join in if its a chat, forum or on Facebook etc!

We can also set up alerts and monitoring queries for you so that you can keep an eye on things going forward.

Our Fees section identifies this package cost and all available additional services and add-ons.


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