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SEO as defined by Wikipedia

SEO as defined by Wikipedia


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What is Adwords (Sponsored Links) or Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

google adwords pay per click ppc management consultantFirst of all Adwords, Sponsored Links, Pay-Per-Click and PPC are all the same thing!

When you look at a Google search results page you have probably noticed that it is in at least two sections - see our example below. The blue shaded area is where a Google customer will PAY Google for ads (Adwords or Sponsored Links) to be displayed based on the keywords entered by the user. These ad campaigns will cost whatever you can afford to pay - anything from €1 to €1000 a day! It is called Pay-Per-Click because you pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

It is a very effective way of attracting visitors to your website as it goes live immediately. You can set your own daily spend limit and have full control over when, where and how often your ad will show (within budget).


Why Pay for Adwords and PPC to your Website?

If you have an advertising budget then online is a good place to spend it. It is very effective as it is based on the keywords that the web user has typed in and will get you visitors as the search engines tend to display your ad on page one - if you have paid enough for your keywords!!

Organic or web page search engine optimisation (the white area on the image below) can take 4 - 8 weeks to push its way up through the search results pages. You can decide to use PPC in conjunction with your organic website search results for ever or only until you are happy with the organic results. The re are some companies that will use PPC only, as they accept that their website may not lead to good SEO. So it is acceptable to them to pay for most of their website traffic.


Why do you need Adwords / Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Consultant?

As with the organic SEO, keyword and keyphrase research and selection is vital as is time consuming. There are costs associated with each keyword or keyphrase. An Adwords Consultant can also assist with the following:

  • Write the small ad that will appear, which needs to be effective in order attract the web user.
  • Work out where the best places for your ad to appear, are there seasonal impacts?
  • Optimise your ad, as it can be complicated and the wrong selection of words will cost you - for no benefit what so ever.
  • Monitor results, test variations and retune your ad campaigns.


Our Fees Section identifies this package cost and all available additional services and add-ons.


google adwords pay per click ppc management consultant

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