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SEO as defined by Wikipedia

SEO as defined by Wikipedia


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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

what is seo search engine optimisation search friendly websitesSEO is where you configure your website in such a way that makes it easy for the search engines to find you and is based on what your potential customers are typing into these search engines. You should not have to pay for any Adwords (paid searches), if your website is properly optimised.

There are two parts to SEO (a) what is typed onto your page (on page) and (b) what you do outside of your page (off page) and neither will work if you do not have good content, a good navigation set up and nothing that people are searching for!

Optimised websites will be found in higher positions on the results pages, than those that are not optimised. We will help you get high website search result rankings.


How can we help you with Optimising your Website? uses ethical methods for SEO and continuously stays up to date with the ever changing tweaks and twists that Google, Yahoo and Bing apply to what they call - "The Algorithms". For example, Google apply between 200 and 300 different elements in their algorithm and NOBODY knows them all. Apparently only the select few in Google know them all. Google has teams of engineers hidden away in different corners of the globe working on their own batch of elements. No team knows any other team - it's all Top Hush Hush, need-to-know kind of stuff :)

We have a list of 200+ and we do know and focus on the top elements that give the greatest returns in pushing your site up the search result rankings.

We can help you with the following:


Why bother with SEO?

When you look at a Google search results page you have probably noticed that it is in at least two sections - see our example below. The blue shaded area is where a Google customer will PAY Google for ads (Adwords) to be displayed based on the keywords entered by the user. These ads can cost whatever you can afford to pay - anything from €1 to a gadzillion euro a day!

The white area contains Organic/Natural/Non paid results and those sites that have been optimised the best will appear in the highest ranking positions! Ask yourself, how many times do you look for websites on page 2 or even page 3. It's important to be on page one AND you do not pay a fortune to buy Adwords AND 80% of all clicks come through the white unpaid section!

Mind you Google loves Adwords as it makes up 99% of their $179 billion turnover in 2009 and thats only with 20% of the clicks! The rest of us love Search Engine Optimisation because it is mostly free - it can be hard work though!

what is seo search engine optimisation search friendly websites


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