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SEO as defined by Wikipedia

SEO as defined by Wikipedia


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What is Website Link Building (Backlinks)?

website link building backlinks campaignOne of the most important aspects of SEO is establishing a load of links from other websites to yours. Website link building (also know as backlinks) takes a bit of work but has to be done. You cannot exist on the internet isolated and all alone - unless everyone already knows your business and/or website!

The more irrelevant and poor quality links you have, the less important the search engines rate you ergo the lower you appear in the search result pages.

The are a lot of companies out there that make a business out of selling you links, but be careful as a lot will be of no value to you and may even end up having you penalised and blacklisted by Google, Yahoo or Bing! Build loads of silly little links and that's how Google sees you. You need those good quality links.


Build those Links to your Website - Your Links Campaign

We offer a website link building service that will get you established with links from quality websites that are relevant to your site. These will get you moving upwards through the search result pages.

There are quite a few ways to get great links and we include at least five quality links with our our 5 Page basic website packages8 page CMS website packages or any website we build. We also offer this service should you already have a website.

Some great ways of getting links are:

  • Trade directories
  • Free national directories
  • News and press releases
  • Writing an article and submitting it to article directories
  • Business associates, suppliers, customers
  • Blogging
  • Join your specialist forums and add a signature to your postings
  • Social Media
  • Link and Bookmark Swopping with relevant parties
  • Get your friends to add your link to relevant sites
  • Ask us about those very highly PageRank-ed sites that you can legitimately add your link to :)

As said above, this will hard work but it is crucial work. Remember (and as mentioned elsewhere in this site), it is not a case of getting your website built and then sitting back and waiting for the orders to roll in. You need to keep this critical 24/7 marketing tool alive! You need to change your company procedures to ensure that this process now becomes part of your operation.

See our fees page for our website link building service costs.


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