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SEO as defined by Wikipedia

SEO as defined by Wikipedia


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What is Website Marketing and Online Public Relations?

website marketing ireland, online public relationsWikipedia defines Website Marketing as "Website Marketing, also referred to as internet marketing, i-marketing, online-marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or e-Marketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.......The interactive nature of Web marketing in terms of providing instant response and eliciting responses, is a unique quality of the medium. (and there's a lot more to this definition.....)"

There are a lot of terms that basically mean the same thing - that marketing online is where it is at now.

In the old days the advertiser pushed out (and still do) their messages thought the regular media of TV, papers, billboards etc. But nowadays marketing on the web can be tracked in minute detail, audiences can be specifically targeted and reactions to campaigns are known instantly. In fact the advertisers are no longer in control - the user is. If the consumer likes your message, they will spread it through their sites, emails, blog pages, social media pages etc.

And things can happen fast out there - both good and bad!

Where does Marketing Your Website and Online Public Relations fit in?

You build a great website, it gets uploaded and has been fully search engine optimised - great, don't forget the following basics:

  • You need to know your market before the above happens.
  • What are your 4 P's - Product, Price, Place and Promote
  • How to get your market to your website
  • What's being said about you - and your competitors
  • Do you may need an Online P/R Audit for your existing Web Presence? Do you know what is being said of you?
  • Monitor your campaigns and your websites performance, your website analytics


What can we do to help with your Website Marketing and Online Public Relations?

We will bring you through our comprehensive checklist, we will advise you on each step of the process and ultimately ensure that all the boxes are ticked to the satisfaction of both of us.

There are 36 steps in this list and most are covered in various places around this website. But it's sensible to have an organised and structured approach to this process and you may be lucky as not all 36 steps might apply to your business.

Please contact us for more details or with any questions you may have.



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