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SEO as defined by Wikipedia

SEO as defined by Wikipedia


Affordable Web Design and SEO

..................................... Everything you wanted to know (and get done) by SEO, we want to help you.


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Search Engine Optimistion (SEO) at Affordable Prices for the Small Business in Ireland

seo ireland search engine optimisation website design cheap affordable website designersWe are a 100% Irish owned company funded by the Fingal County Enterprise Board. We will help your (new or existing) website rank highly in Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing search result pages. We explain all the different elements involved! We start each of our Service pages with an explanation of each element. If you are still not sure - just ask! We even advertise our budget SEO Costs, Fees and Prices online. Let us help you be found by your customer AND the Search Engines.

There are a lot of buzzwords - SEO, Search Engine Friendly website design, Web audits, Link Building, Organic Search, Paid Search, Social Media, Online Marketing and PR, Google Analytics, Google Mapping and Keyword/Phrase research.

We know you want your website ranked highly in amongst the 249,461,227 websites (Netcraft Web Server Survey -Nov 2010). This means that most of the above buzz words need to be addressed.


NEW!! We can produce a mobile / smartphone / tablet version of your website for only an additional €75, when ordering Item 1 or 2 on our SEO costs and fees Page. We all know how many are using their iPhones, Samsungs, iPads etc to surf from their couch - or even anywhere else!!


WHY USE US? - Affordable Search Engine Friendly Web Design with THE most compehensive SEO Bundles in Ireland.

We specialise in dealing with small businesses who are not happy with their existing (if any) online presence.

We prioritise SEO within everything we do, hence our name and why we give away so many FREE SEO services with our uniquely bundled website design packages.

We do not participate in any unethical SEO practises ("Black Hat").

We have a cheap 5 page website design option for €450 and a very affordable 8 page CMS website design option for €620.

We gaurantee what we do.

We design and manage websites with clean and customed designs AND are expertly search engine optimised.

We will get you high website search result rankings in Google (used by 90% of the Irish population), Yahoo and Bing. You can pay a fortune and have that gorgeous looking website that will win you a gorgeous award, but will you be found by the search engines or your customers?

We advertise our Fees and Costings online complete with SEO bundles. We offer a comprehensive list of services (with prices) that include free and unique SEO bundles.


Paul Furey, Malahide Co Dublin.

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"and remember - be found out there!"

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