What is an SEO Website Audit?

seo website audit, search engine optimisation website auditYou are waiting for the phone to ring and are waiting for an email to come in from your website - but nothing is happening! Maybe you are getting some enquiries from that fancy (expensive?) website of yours, but not in the numbers you expected.

The chances are that not too many potential customers are not finding you through your website. You are not getting any returns on your web investment.

If you want to know what the issues are with your website and are your competitors cleaning up and why you are not being ranked highly in the search engine results pages - then it's time for an SEO Website Audit on your existing website.


The SEO Website Audit Process

We will audit all vital elements relative to an SEO Audit:

It usually takes us up to 5 days to fully complete the audit and produce our recommendations. Our costs are on our fees page. The cost covers an audit of the home page plus up to 4 of your main product, service or message pages.

It is possible that the recommendations from your SEO Audit could result in a lot of corrective action. If you require our assistance to act upon these recommendations, we would be delighted to quote for this service.



Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 July 2010 10:54